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Modifying Vogue 1247

Vogue 1247 is the pattern I have used the most, with five different versions so far.  I’ve stopped blogging them as it got a bit repetitive, especially as most are in denim, to wear at home.  The pocket shape means anything in them is secure, especially important for my keys when I’m crossing the river with the pup!

I was looking at some of my favourite ready-to-wear skirts the other day and wondered if I could replicate the a-line, no-waistband silhouette I like, without buying yet another sewing pattern.  V1247 seemed a good candidate.

I always lengthen this pattern by eight inches, so this time I used a long ruler to make an a-line shape.


I left off the waistband and finished the edge with a 2″ strip of self-bias.


The fabric is from Dottie Dolly in Wellington.  I’m not sure what it is (cotton/linen?) but it is gorgeous – love the colour.

I’m really happy with this.  It’s much more comfortable without the waistband, and I like the a-line shape.  In fact, I like it so much I’m already making another!


Finished outfit! Sirdar sweater and denim skirt

I’m cracking on with my stash busting list, and I’ve a whole outfit to show you today.  Outside pics too – it must be Spring!


My skirt is Vogue 1247  and the sweater is a pattern by Sirdar.  I can’t find a separate knitting pattern for this (it was in Knitting magazine, April 2014) but the Ravelry link gives all the details here.  The yarn is Rowan Purelife cotton – gorgeous.


This is the first time I’ve done so much cabling, and I’m rather proud of it!  I did have to rip out my first attempt (there was a mistake in the chart so a cable twisted the wrong way).  But I hadn’t got very far so it was good practice.

IMG_3588This is my knitting magazine pose – what’s that in the distance? – and Hetty is looking too!

I haven’t made this skirt pattern for a while, and had forgotten how lovely it is.  So easy, and the shape and those pockets are great.  It’s also much easier now I have an overlocker, and don’t have to bind every seam.  I lengthened the pattern by 8 inches, as usual for me.