Stashbusting & Vintage Home quilt

I ended last year with a pledge to use my sewing stash and stop buying fabric, patterns and sewing supplies.  How did that go, I hear you ask?  Badly.  I did halve the amount I spent, so that's something, but the fabric drawers are crammed full and it's just ridiculous really.  I'm too embarrassed to … Continue reading Stashbusting & Vintage Home quilt

Vintage Home BOM – plates & all the blocks so far

This time the  Vintage Home blocks are plates, using the porthole technique, which I hadn't tried before. The instructions in the magazine were very clear and I'm pleased with the results.  I especially like the one with the boats fabric! There is also a larger plate with paper pieced petals around the rim, and I really … Continue reading Vintage Home BOM – plates & all the blocks so far

Vintage Home BOM – caddys & jugs

I've been catching up on my Vintage Home blocks of the month, so two months in one today. I really like the look of cross stitch on patchwork and decided to modify the caddy patterns to make my labels in cross stitch rather than embroidery.  The embroidery floss made the finished labels quite heavy, so … Continue reading Vintage Home BOM – caddys & jugs

Vintage Home BOM – Teacups

I'm playing catch up for  Jo Avery's gorgeous Vintage Home block of the month.  The instructions for the second month were to make four teacups in two different styles. I bought some Liberty sample swatches from Alice Caroline a while ago, and a swatch was big enough to make a teacup.  So I chose four of … Continue reading Vintage Home BOM – Teacups