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The 100 day project – halfway there!


So it’s day 51 of The 100 Day Project.  I’ve been through the “I love this and never want to stop” phase, the “why on earth did I sign up for this, I hate it” phase, and am currently in  “sometimes this is a pain but I am enjoying it”!

My project this year is #100daysofslowstitches.  I’ve learned from past years that it is best to go for something that doesn’t take too long and has a broad definition.  That way, I don’t get stressed or bored with the project.  Actually, I still did, but I would have given up if I’d chosen something more time intensive or restrictive.

I had pictured myself relaxing in the garden/armchair adding a few stitches to a sampler every day, and learning new stitches along the way.  I began a sampler with lines of different stitches, and I enjoyed the stitching but hated having to count threads and get the lines straight.  This is as far as I got before giving up –


I really enjoyed stitching this Sashiko sampler – the lines are printed on the fabric.


Mr D gave me Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching Transfer book for my birthday and I’ve almost completed this one


I’ve also included English Paper Piecing, with the Ice Cream Soda quilt blossoms


and some Liberty and chambray hexagons (possibly for a quilt border)


And because I like to have lots of different projects on the go (!), I’ve just started to make some of The Splendid Sampler blocks.


You can follow my progress on Instagram at dottie_doodle.  Hope to see you over there!



The 100 Day Project

Sashiko sampler available from Sew Hot

Doodle Stitching Transfer Book

Ice Cream Soda quilt

The Splendid Sampler


The 100 Day Project – make a new recipe every day

I’m taking part in an Instagram challenge called The 100 Day Project.  It’s a celebration of making, and showing up day after day is the goal.

My challenge is to make a new (to me) recipe every day for 100 days.  Today is day 24, and here are some of my new favourites –

the 100 day challenge

Double Chocolate Cloud Cake (made in muffin cases) – A Modern Way to Eat
Roasted peppers – torn out of the Telegraph Magazine
Berry Smoothie – Deliciously Ella
Pizza – Honestly Healthy
Homemade Jaffa Cakes – Love your Lunchbox
Proper chilli – A Modern Way to Eat

I chose this challenge because I’ve been in a cooking rut for a while (years), making the same recipes in rotation.  I think partly because we ‘only’ have an Aga.  I realise that’s a nice problem to have, but it is a different way of cooking and we had a few disasters when we first moved here!  I’ve found a few recipes that work, and stuck to them.

I’m finding the challenge really inspiring.  It does take a bit of planning but it’s interesting the difference that adding a bit of thought and a few herbs or spices can make.

Mr D is always supportive of the things I do, but he’s been especially interested in this challenge.  I asked him if he was enjoying it – “it’s b*****y brilliant” he said!

If you’d like to follow my progress, (and for other photos of life around here),  I’m dottie_doodle on Instagram, or click here .

And do have a look at the other challenges at #the100dayproject.  There is some amazing work out there – I’ll do a round up of some of my favourites next week.