Experiments with knits #1 – Colette Mabel skirt

I find sewing with knits very frustrating.  The different weights and stretch properties mean there is a lot to think about when matching pattern to fabric. But when a knit garment goes well, they are such useful and wearable things to have.  Two of my Mabel skirts are the most-worn things I've made since I … Continue reading Experiments with knits #1 – Colette Mabel skirt

Colette Jasmine revisited

I decided this week to remake the first pattern I made successfully - as in, actually wore! - the Colette Jasmine. I definitely had beginners luck the first time round, especially with my fabric choice, which was a slightly sheer vintage flower print with a bit of stretch.  It worked without any alterations, which was … Continue reading Colette Jasmine revisited

Blogiversary, and a giveaway

This blog is three years old!  I'm amazed. I've just been looking back at my first posts, and it's funny to see which clothes I never wore and which got worn to death.  My first successes were a white Colette Jasmine and a Vogue 1247 skirt in navy batik.  The failures were mainly flower print … Continue reading Blogiversary, and a giveaway

Chambray Banksia and sewing from the stash drawer

I started this Banksia top last summer, at sewing lessons, but made a mistake so hid it under my stash fabric - which I believe is the grown up response when mistakes are made. I wanted to add buttoned cuffs to the pattern - which my sewing teacher showed me how to do.  My mistake … Continue reading Chambray Banksia and sewing from the stash drawer