Quilting suitcases

Quilting suitcases

Two South West Modern Quilt Guild workshops came together on this project. I made the suitcase mini last year at a precision piecing workshop with Kerry Green. After spending all that time on the piecing, I was too scared to go ahead with the quilting in case I ‘ruined’ it!

Then last month Sarah Ashford taught us Walking Foot quilting, and that gave me the confidence to take the panel out of the drawer and make something.

I quilted the suitcases in straight and diagonal crosshatch, and the back in a curved crosshatch.

Then I made a padded drawstring bag, which I’m going to use for in my suitcase for all the bits and pieces I take on holiday.

All the fabrics are precious Liberty and vintage Laura Ashley, so I kept with that theme and lined it with a piece of a vintage curtain which I’ve been hoarding.

I’m so happy with the bag, and it’s always good to take something out of a drawer and use it!

You can read more about the workshops on the South West Modern Quilt Guild blog.

Vintage Home Quilt progress

Vintage Home Quilt progress

My Vintage Home quilt is starting to look like a quilt! It was lovely to reach the stage where I could sew most of the blocks together – this is about two thirds of the quilt.

I swapped a puppy block for the cat, to reflect our home. This sweetie is from Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas book.

I’ve also added the giant suitcases block, the candle holder and table light.

I love the way the lampshade is constructed.

So I just have the sewing machine and Home Sweet Home blocks to do, and the centre of the quilt top will be done!

Jo Avery’s Vintage Home BOM, published in Today’s Quilter
Vintage Home BOM – plates & all the blocks so far

Vintage Home BOM – plates & all the blocks so far

This time the  Vintage Home blocks are plates, using the porthole technique, which I hadn’t tried before.


The instructions in the magazine were very clear and I’m pleased with the results.  I especially like the one with the boats fabric!

There is also a larger plate with paper pieced petals around the rim, and I really liked this one.  I intended the centre of this one to be one of the smaller plates, but used the wrong template when I cut it out – oops!


I think it was a happy accident though.  I wouldn’t have planned to put the zoo animals in the centre of the florals, but I like it.  It’s a plate I would love to own.

Finally, here’s a picture of all the blocks so far.  I spent ages trying to get them all in the photo using my ‘proper’ camera, but the best picture was a quick snap with my phone!


Vintage Home BOM – caddys & jugs

Vintage Home BOM – caddys & jugs

I’ve been catching up on my Vintage Home blocks of the month, so two months in one today.


I really like the look of cross stitch on patchwork and decided to modify the caddy patterns to make my labels in cross stitch rather than embroidery.  The embroidery floss made the finished labels quite heavy, so I pieced them in to the caddys instead of using applique.


I made two of the smaller jugs in Liberty Oxford, one of my favourite prints, which reminds me of Clarice Cliff designs.


The other two are Mirabelle and Bourton


And then the large jug in another favourite, Strawberry thief –


The blocks for this month are plates  .  When I’ve done those,  I’ll take a photo of all the blocks (so far) together.  It’s 6 months already!

Vintage Home BOM – Teacups

Vintage Home BOM – Teacups

I’m playing catch up for  Jo Avery’s gorgeous Vintage Home block of the month.  The instructions for the second month were to make four teacups in two different styles.

I bought some Liberty sample swatches from Alice Caroline a while ago, and a swatch was big enough to make a teacup.  So I chose four of my favourites.  They are (in order) Sarah, Capel, Mushaboom and Clara.





Jo includes photos of vintage china in her articles in Today’s Quilter, so I thought I would show you some of the pieces we have, as I make the blocks.

I prefer a mug to a teacup, but we do have these Coronation teacups from my husband’s family.  So elegant!