Emily Notman workshop

I've admired Emily Notman's work for ages, so when I saw she was teaching at the gorgeous Make at Monteray I booked myself a place.  Emily uses mixed media and embroidery to build up her beautiful landscapes.  It's a different style to anything I've done before, so I was excited (and a bit nervous) to … Continue reading Emily Notman workshop

2017 100 day project – completed!

I was determined to get to the end of my #100daysofslowstitches project, and here I am.  It wasn't the project I thought it was going to be, and I was pleased I had made the definition of what I could do broad, so I could change it as I went along. My two main projects … Continue reading 2017 100 day project – completed!

The 100 day project – halfway there!

So it's day 51 of The 100 Day Project.  I've been through the "I love this and never want to stop" phase, the "why on earth did I sign up for this, I hate it" phase, and am currently in  "sometimes this is a pain but I am enjoying it"! My project this year is … Continue reading The 100 day project – halfway there!

Lazy Daisy flower card

My card for Mum on Mothers' Day this year (15 March in the UK) is a beaded Lazy Daisy embroidery.  She doesn't use the interwebs, so I'm safe talking about it now! I got the embroidery  idea from Jane Brocket's lovely book, The Gentle Art of Stitching, and added the beads for some sparkle. It's … Continue reading Lazy Daisy flower card

Make + Review – Stitch at Home by Mandy Shaw

This is the second in my Make + Review series. Stitch at Home by Mandy Shaw has such a pretty collection of designs, and a wide range of projects - a garden kneeler, dog bed, Christmas decorations, even a teepee for the garden. There are masses of applique designs in the book and you could … Continue reading Make + Review – Stitch at Home by Mandy Shaw