My 2019 100 Day Project

Today, I’m looking back to last year when I spent 100 days using up my fabric stash. I didn’t get around to posting about it then, so here is the final list of things I made, with the amount of fabric used.

Quilt As you Go for the garden bench
  • Garden Party quilt – 10 metres
  • Blue & Yellow quilt as you go quilt – 6 metres
  • Up & Away quilt – 5 metres
  • Wee Braw Bags – 2 large and 8 small – 5 metres
  • Two sweatshirts – 3 metres
  • Warm hearted dog bed – 3 metres
  • Hoody and Gigi Dress for my niece – 4 metres
  • Wire Flower Laundry bag – 2 metres
  • Pollinate quilt (started) – 1 metre
  • Dear Diary quilt (started) – 2 metres
  • Making the Suitcases panel into a bag – 1 metre
  • Stowe bag – 1 metre

So that is a total of 43 metres used in 100 days.

Up & Away Baby Quilt

I like taking part in the 100 day project because I know I will always learn something about myself. I suppose the reason I haven’t written about this project before is because I don’t feel very positive about it.

I’m very happy I used all that fabric, but it was a slog, and there is still too much fabric! So that was the lesson – buy less, because having a large stash makes me feel guilty and pressured.

And I have bought less, I’ve given more away, and I try to remember to use the fabric, not hang on to it because it’s so pretty. I made a quilt top from my Liberty stash and now I’m using what’s left to make face coverings/ masks for my family and friends. Which feels great, and they look lovely.

Face mask production line

When I do buy fabric it’s something I absolutely love – like the jelly roll of Grunge I bought yesterday. It’s important to support local businesses, isn’t it?!

Playing with colour makes me very happy, and something new can bring older things together. Going to try to make that it for a while though. The rest of the year, maybe….

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