Exhibiting with the Guild

I became Chair of the South West Modern Quilt Guild in January. One of the things I wanted to do this year was find out how to exhibit members’ work without putting on our own exhibition. We loved holding our Showcase last year, but it was a lot of work!

So when Craft 4 Crafters offered us some space at Westpoint near Exeter this month, I jumped at it. We only had three weeks to pull our mini exhibition together, but everyone helped and we had plenty of submissions.

I was so glad we managed to have most of our Rainbow Challenge blocks at the Show. These were the rules –

“The aim of this challenge is to push your boundaries as a modern quilter!
You will receive seven Kona cotton fat sixteenths in Red, Kumquat, Corn Yellow, Sour Apple, Water, Dahlia and Azalea, and one fat eighth in Silver.
You must make one 12” square mini quilt, in whatever design you wish, using only the challenge bundle. The entries will be displayed as a collaborative piece – a patchwork wall of mini quilts. “

Kerry Green submitted two of her beautiful mini quilts, Bon Voyage and Vintage Notions, both her own design.

Here you can see Hug Away the Blues, by Kate Webber, Under the Thumb by Melanie Turbitt, Quilter by Sarah Ashford and Charlie Mankin, Tumbling Spools by Charlotte Howes (the Tumbling Spools pattern is by The Crafty Nomad) and Caernarfon by Mary Emmens.

Frances had completed her Crossed Orange Peel mini from the workshop we had with Lucy (of Charm About You) last year.

We had more space than I’d expected, so the ‘just in case’ quilts I’d thrown in the car at the last minute got to go to the Show! You can see Violet the Highland Cow in the back, with Nani Iro triangles beside it, and Gypsy Wife on the table. Gypsy Wife was a good one for visitors to be allowed to touch, as it has lots of piecing, with machine and hand quilting.

After three busy days, with lots of chat and meeting new people, it was time to pack up the quilts and go home.

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