Pollinate quilt

Pollinate quilt

My Christmas present to myself this year was Kitty Wilkin’s Pollinate English paper piecing pattern. I’d been tempted by the gorgeous images on Instagram and when I saw the kit was selling out fast in the UK I jumped on board.

I’m enjoying the process very much. There are plenty of opportunities for fussy cutting and experimenting with colour, but once I’ve done some cutting I can sit and stitch without too much thought. Ideal over the Christmas holidays!

I haven’t decided on a final layout yet, and the beauty of the pattern is you don’t have to. I’m making a large colourful rosette – as in the pattern illustration. And I will have low volume piecing around that, but I’m experimenting with some smaller colourful flowers too.

I’m using Longitude batiks by Kate Spain, Moda Confetti, Alison Glass, and anything else in my scrap bag that looks good! I have one more ring of the large rosette to go, and it is already 40 inches across.

Of course, I had to invest in a couple of project pouches from my good friend Sarah Ashford to hold all the pieces!

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