Hetty has made it quite clear that Marie Kondo will not be getting anywhere near her toys

One of my goals this year is to dramatically cut the amount of things I buy. I find decluttering helps me to cut spending – it’s a reminder of how much I already have.

So I’m going to do a ‘Get Rid of 500 things’ challenge again. I did this in 2015 and you can read about it here, and again in 2017, although I didn’t blog about it then.

The difference between the two years wasn’t huge. I gave away more clothes and general household items the first time, more sewing supplies the second. It will be interesting to see what is different this time.

I’ve already made a start. We pulled all the books off the bookshelves at the weekend, and 49 books have gone to a charity sale. On Saturday my Guild is having a quilting fabric and supplies swap, so I’ve Marie Kondoed my stash and I have a box full to take. With some other bits and pieces, I’m up to 96 things already!

I’ve only made one purchase so far this month, which was two pairs of M&S thermal velour lined footless tights to combat the frosty weather we are having. So snuggly, and only £8 each.

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