Stashbusting & Vintage Home quilt

I ended last year with a pledge to use my sewing stash and stop buying fabric, patterns and sewing supplies.  How did that go, I hear you ask?  Badly. 

I did halve the amount I spent, so that’s something, but the fabric drawers are crammed full and it’s just ridiculous really.  I’m too embarrassed to write a New Year resolution post, so I’m just quietly saying here – I’m not spending in 2019, except if I need something to finish a project. 

Moving on – one stashbusting project I’m very happy with is the Vintage Home quilt by Jo Avery.  The plan with this one was to use my Liberty scraps, and I do think they look pretty.  I haven’t managed to keep up with the block of the month aspect of this one, but I’m probably two thirds of the way through the piecing, so not bad at all.

Jo published the quilt layout a couple of months ago, and it’s good to see where everything will fit.  I’ve got two big blocks to make – the suitcases and sewing machine – the lamp and candlestick.  I’m not a fan of applique so I’m planning to piece the letters for Home Sweet Home, and substitute a dog (of course!) for the cat.

For the back of my quilt I’m making a patchwork of the leftover Liberty fabric.  I’m looking forward to emptying that box of scraps!

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