Welsh Blanket quilt

Welsh Blanket quilt


I thought I’d use the snow days to take some pictures of the quilt I made for Mr D’s Christmas present.  Don’t the colours look pretty against the white?


The pattern is Welsh Blanket Quilt – Caernarfon by my good friend Mary Emmens.

It’s strip pieced, which I hadn’t done before.  In case you’re not familiar, you cut strips of fabric, sew them together to make a new fabric pattern, and then cut that up to stitch together with other pieces you’ve made to make the design.  Phew!  It didn’t really make sense to me, so I just had to go ahead and trust Mary’s instructions, which were excellent.


I was so impressed with how the blocks matched up, after all that cutting and piecing.


I wanted to make a smaller quilt than the pattern – this one is 50″ square – so I omitted part of the middle of the design and the sashing around the outside.

The back is gorgeous Robert Kaufman flannel with a line of leftover strips on one edge.  I quilted it in a grid, with crosses in the sashing.

I can’t put anything on the floor without Hetty lying on it!

Other fabrics are Zig Zag Turquoise (Hoffman fabrics), Linen Texture Marine Blue (Makower), Sevenberry Japanese Fabric Spots Navy, and the cream is from Janet Clare’s Aubade: Song to the Dawn.

Do hop over and have a look at Mary’s Welsh Blanket quilts – they are stunning!

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