Sunflower cushion

Sunflower cushion


From the moment I first saw Jenny Haynes’ – Papper Sax Sten – beautiful Sunflower pattern I wanted to try it.  I bought her Drunkard’s Patch templates last year, took Toby Lischko’s Clever Curves Craftsy course and set to work.

I’m delighted with the way it looks on this cushion, and a larger quilt is definitely on my list now.

The cushion brightens up this comfy reading corner


I’ve been a ‘straight lines only’ quilter until now, but those curves needed something different so I had a go.  Addictive!


All the fabrics are from my stash.  There’s some Alison Glass, Cotton & Steel, Dashwood Twist and Essex Linen.  The back (not shown) is silver and black sparkly denim.

I’ve set up a new section on my blog called 2018 Stashbusting Challenge so I can keep tabs on what I use.  Will greatly help if I stop adding to it – ahem!


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