Organic Textile Company bundle – show & tell

My plans not to buy any fabric this year only lasted until mid February!  Never mind, tomorrow is another day and so on…..

The purchase I couldn’t resist was one of the Organic Textile Company‘s mystery remnant bundles – they had a blue and black one that I had been eyeing up for a while.  All their cotton is GOTS certified organic, and I really like the way they speak about their suppliers.  The fabrics are fabulous quality and it’s become my first stop for dressmaking supplies.


A couple of my sewing friends were interested in seeing what comes in the giant bale o’ fabric, so I thought I’d do a reveal here.

All knits are approx 2m wide, wovens 1.5m.  Some of the lengths are in two or three pieces, but they are all big enough to be usable.

First up, three shades of fleece.  I’ve used this fleece before, and it is gorgeous – so snuggly.  There is 3m of the dark blue, 1.4 of the turquoise (my favourite) and just under a metre of the pale blue and the black.  At least one Merchant & Mills top will be made, and probably something for small niece from the pale one.


I’ve not pictured the next few as they are black or navy –

2m black jersey (fabulously soft and drapey – I’ve previously made a dress from this).  1.5 m black terry (loop back) which is very nice – half way in weight between jersey and fleece.  And 1m navy jersey.  The navy has some marks on it so I’ll have to see if they come out – enough for a t shirt for me or small person leggings anyway.

On top of the bundle was a metre of black velour.  Not a fabric I’ve used before, but I have been admiring some ready-to-wear black velour skirts recently.  One for next winter.

Next, 3.5m of lovely blue/black denim. Such a useful colour, and denim skirts are my go-to year round.  There’s just under a metre of navy denim too.


I love this black gingham, which will be a summer top for me.

Over 2m black cotton muslin?  I think?  The photo shows it held up to the window, so you can see it’s not very see through.  Any suggestions on what to do with it are welcome!  UPDATE – the lovely people at Organic Textiles have just been in touch to let me know it is Doublecloth.


Smaller pieces of around 0.5 to 1.5m –


  • A mystery blue fabric – like a twill but with a soft back – and another metre of thin canvas in almost the same blue.  Will make very nice quilt backs.
  • thin black cotton – I’ll use for lining.
  • thin navy wool
  • cotton in blue and blue grey marl

I’m delighted with the bundle and will probably use all of it.  I think buying fabric this way works for me because I enjoy a wide variety of sewing – knits and wovens, garments, accessories and quilting.  I’ve got a variety of people (and dog) to sew for too. The quality of the fabric is amazing and works out at just over £4 a metre.

Whether you want to take a crazy gamble on a bundle or be more cautious and actually choose your fabric, the Organic Textile Company is well worth a look!

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