2018 challenge and scrapbuster string quilt

2018 challenge and scrapbuster string quilt

I was having a bit of a stocktake one day and realised I have rather a lot fabric scraps.  I do love a bag of scraps, but I’m becoming increasingly interested in quilts made of solids and/or a more limited palette.  As one of my goals this year is to use my stash, what to do?

Carolyn Forster’s scrapbuster quilt in Today’s Quilter in (issue 31 ) got me thinking.

I used this Liberty print to help me plan, and pulled out all the scarlet, turquoise, mustard, fuchsia and chocolate scraps, along with a few neutrals.


Carolyn suggests using fabric rather than paper as a backing, which means it doesn’t have to be removed.  I happened to have some cream canvas from a giant Organic Textile Company remnant bundle.  I want to use this quilt to keep the back seat of my car clean – and Hetty comfy of course – so the canvas is perfect to make the quilt stronger.

The blocks are made from triangles, each with a blue centre strip which make up the outlines of the squares when they are sewn together.  As well as strings, it’s useful to have some larger scraps for the corners.  I saved the pieces as I trimmed each block and incorporated them into the next, so no scrap was left behind!


I absolutely loved making these blocks (they’re roughly placed together – not sewn – in the photo above).  There is something very liberating about not having to stick to a plan.  I just picked up the scraps and sewed them together without thinking about the colours too much.

I’ve finished the twelve blocks I planned, but the scrap bag is still quite full.  I’m planning more – maybe a purple, blue, green and gold quilt for the garden bench?


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