500 things challenge – done!

One of my resolutions this year was to get rid of 500 things.  I completed the first half of the challenge in February – and that was fairly easy.  The second half was hard!  The obvious stuff had gone, so I had to really search.

508 things gone in 6 months
508 things gone in 6 months

Mr D was a star.  He had a major wardrobe clear-out so that was 52 things in one go.  Most of my clothing contribution were winter things that had worn out.

I gave away 48 sewing and knitting patterns during the 6 months.  Some of them were gifts and I held a blog giveaway, so those didn’t linger in the house too long.  But I bought most of them, and the majority were unused.   I definitely had ‘want to join in and sew all the things’ madness when I first started sewing and blogging!

It’s been a lesson to me to think a bit harder about the clothes I want to make and wear.  Maybe learn to adapt the patterns I have as well – there are still plenty in the drawer…

My resolutions now are to be more thoughtful about what I buy, and keep on top of giving away things we don’t need.  I find pausing for a day or two before clicking the buy button helps.  Pinterest is great for keeping wish lists, and not-so-subtle birthday present hints.

The main benefit I’ve found is I feel lighter, less distracted, and more focussed.  It’s quite addictive!


The second 250 –

Mr D – 52 items of clothing

Me – 35 items of clothing
1 pair of wellies (failed to mend)
1 pair shoes
1 bag
33 sewing and knitting patterns
3 Burda magazines
25 books
Two 2014 guidebooks
2 bags of ribbons
15 pieces of fabric
1 bag fabric scraps
2 bags of yarn
2 bags of buttons
1 pair bag handles
1 bag purse making things
1 wire basket
1 pot glue
4 food items
2 plant pots
5 ornaments
1 bottle perfume
3 dog toys (Hetty strikes again!)
3 pieces of jewellery
1 watch
3 badges
6 storage jars/ boxes
Set of Project Life cards
4 unused beauty products
12 miscellaneous things from the kitchen drawer
3 pet food covers
soap dish
Photographic film splicer (we have no idea where this came from)
5 CDs
1 notebook
6 cleaning materials
7 bedding/towels
2 cameras
8 pieces of stash fabric used

You can see the first 250 here.

12 thoughts on “500 things challenge – done!

  1. It’s funny reading this. We had family over for roast dinner at the weekend and my husband’s Aunt and cousin commented on our few possessions. I think the question was “where do you keep your things?” We just keep a low level of essentials, not much on show and under capacity cupboards. I feel I need space to grow my life and build my possessions slowly. We car boot at least once a year and I’m sad to say that mostly our car boot items are gifts from other people. We just don’t accumulate. I bet you’re feeling the benefit of the 500+ items that you released from your house!

  2. I’m so impressed with you doing this. It’s something I seriously need to do… I definitely do NOT have any under capacity cupboards, when I can get myself in gear to start!

  3. Congratulations. You must feel so much lighter. I really wish we’d tallied all the stuff we’ve unloaded this year. I know that it’s a lot. Possibly even around the 500 mark. I wouldn’t feel too bad about the 2 cameras….I’m embarrassed about just how much tech we have in our house.

    1. I think at the time you just want to get rid of it, but it is interesting to keep a list. I know what you you mean about the tech. It’s so easy to keep the old stuff when we get something new and shiny!

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