Hexagon Union Jack quilt

Hexagon Union Jack quilt


I’ve started my quilt!  I don’t usually show you works in progress, but I’m so excited about this one.  Plus, it’s going to take months to finish, and I can’t keep it quiet that long.

Mr D was working on Saturday, and I took Hetty to a dog show in the morning. So I had quiet time in the afternoon to sort fabrics while the pooped pup slept it off behind the sofa.


It is so satisfying to turn piles of unused fabric (some of which I’ve had for years) into hexagons ready for stitching.

I bought three blue fat quarters for a bit more variety, and the two Moda Comma cream and black prints are new.  Everything else is scrap/stash.  I’m planning a simple square patchwork for the back, and I’ll have enough fabric left for at least part of that.

This is the centre –


And you can begin to see how the lines and colours are forming here –


The book gives very clear instructions on how to sew the flag in sections and then piece it together.  I haven’t been following this as I wanted to get an idea of how it would look.  But I’m getting in a bit of a muddle now, so will be following the pattern more closely!

Here is the finished quilt in Hexa-go-go.


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