Blogiversary, and a giveaway

This blog is three years old!  I’m amazed.

I’ve just been looking back at my first posts, and it’s funny to see which clothes I never wore and which got worn to death.  My first successes were a white Colette Jasmine and a Vogue 1247 skirt in navy batik.  The failures were mainly flower print dresses – it seems to be a bad idea to make things I would never buy!

1960 Simplicity dress

One flowered dress that I have worn, and continue to wear, is this one which I made from a vintage pattern.  The pattern was a gift from a lovely customer called Felicity, who sent me her mother’s collection of sewing patterns.  I ran a series of giveaways here, and the patterns went all over the world.

Felicity got in touch with me again recently to say she had found a few more patterns, and would I like them?


Well, would you?!

I thought we could do this Pattern Pyramid style, where the winner keeps the patterns she likes, and runs a giveaway for the remainder.  So you do need an active blog to enter.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post saying which is your favourite decade to sew from.  I’ll pick a winner by random selection on Wednesday 22 April.

Thank you so much for reading.  I love being part of this amazing community!

12 thoughts on “Blogiversary, and a giveaway

  1. where have three years gone?!
    I have to admit I tend to sew contemporary patterns with a nod to vintage styles; so it’s usually fit and flare silhouettes of the fifties that I’m drawn to! I do need to do something about my shirt situation though and S2195 is a beauty!

  2. Happy blogiversary!!!! I always enjoy reading your posts, especially since we got into sewing garments around the same time. (I’m not the right person to take those vintage patterns, but I’m sure they’ll make someone very happy!! But I wanted to comment anyway!)

  3. Happy blogiversary! Isn’t it amazing how quickly the years (and blog posts) fly by? I’m also not the right person to give a proper home to vintage patterns, but I do love a good 60s shift dress or funky 70s ensemble… in theory anyway. 🙂 The pattern pyramid is such a fun idea – will be curious to see who winds up with the loot!

  4. Happy Blogiversary. In theory I like sewing from the 40s, but seeing I mostly sew reproduction patterns and current things from Burda I should probably say the 2000 teens (blush) I would like to enter the pyramid giveaway though, its such a pleasing concept and my daughter loves the 60’s look

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