Make + Review – Hexa-go-go by Tacha Bruecher

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt from my many, many bags of scraps for ages.  But I use my sewing machine for work, and for making clothes, and I don’t really want to spend more time on it.


It was a chance remark from sewing friend Sue about hexagons that made me wonder if I could handsew a quilt – or part of it anyway.

A bit of research on Pinterest, and I found the book Hexa-go-go has plenty of hand/machine sewing quilt patterns.

I’ve sewn a few hexagons before for small projects, and picked up a some useful tips at my sewing group from a demo by Very Kerry Berry.  Using a Sewline glue pen, rather than basting the fabric onto the templates is much quicker, and there is no shame in buying paper templates!  Using these short cuts leaves more time to do the  fun stuff, like choosing the fabrics and sewing.

Tacha Bruecher begins the book with an extremely comprehensive section for beginners, including cutting out and quilting the hexagons, quilting with friends and the different types of stitches.  And what to do when things don’t look right.


For my first project I used her pattern for a needlecase to make this pincushion.  The hexagons are sewn together in a rosette, then appliqued onto the background.  I added the border strips by machine.  The fabric is Liberty and vintage Laura Ashley – some precious pieces I wanted to make the most of.

I made this one quite big – it’s 20cm square.  I find smaller pincushions just get lost on my table.


For my next project I have my heart set on this beautiful flag quilt.  I’ve started to sort out my fabric, and I’m going for a dark red with some red/orange, with dark and mid blue for the background.  I’ll have to buy fabric for the ‘white’ parts.  Maybe soft grey?


It’s a lovely book.  I like the mix of hand sewing and machine sewing in the patterns.  I’m sure that when I’ve done the main part of the quilt by hand I’ll be very happy to get on the machine to finish it.

6 thoughts on “Make + Review – Hexa-go-go by Tacha Bruecher

  1. Oooh hexagon envy – it is gorgeous. Do you need any more scraps? If you had time, would you be able to write a tutorial on the patchwork heart please – I have forgotten!
    Look forward to seeing the quilt in progress 🙂

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