Ten go baking at River Cottage

Ten go baking at River Cottage


This year we are celebrating Mr D’s 50th birthday and nephew James is 21.  So on Good Friday we took a group of family and friends to River Cottage for a Baking Bread course.

I haven’t made bread before, mainly because I thought it involved lots of kneading – which looked like hard work!  But we didn’t have to knead anything for longer than 5 minutes.


James with the foccacia dough – sometimes a bowl just isn’t big enough!


We made pizzas to go in the wood fired oven – this is Hugh’s kitchen on the TV.  Mr D looks very proud of his pizza – he says it was just a small snack.


We made Hot Cross buns for Easter.  These are mine!


Most of the day we were in this wonderful barn, each with our own cooking station.


It was a fantastic day and Joe, our teacher, was excellent.   We were given masses of information, but lots of breaks and snacks too.


We all came home with three breads – foccacia, a basic loaf, soda bread and four Hot Cross Buns.  So when those are gone (they’re mostly in the freezer) I feel confident I can make some more!

11 thoughts on “Ten go baking at River Cottage

  1. Looks like a fab day. I treated my OH to a fish preparation course at River Cottage a few years back – I’ve been reaping the rewards of all he learnt ever since, the Salt & Pepper squid is yummy!

  2. Ooooh, those look so good! And bread really isn’t all that hard to make. It’s just time-consuming because of all the rising and such. It looks like it was a really fun class!

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