Smocking on polka dots – tutorial

It took me a while to work out how to smock on to polka dot fabric.  Here’s what I learned – mainly by making a complete hash of it!


Before you begin, mark the start point of each line of smocking with a removable pencil.  Ignore the line of dots which would be in the centre of each square if the dots were joined into a grid.  You’ll see in the following pictures that it would otherwise be difficult to find the right starting point when the fabric is gathered by the smocking.

My dots are 1cm apart.


Bring your needle up on the left edge of the first dot.  Take a small stitch from right to left on the second dot.


Then take a small stitch from right to left on the first dot, coming out through/close to your starting point.


Pull tight.  Admire the little triangle fold.


Insert the needle back down through/close to the right hand hole on your stitch, and bring up through the next dot (which will be the third one across).  Repeat.

smocking_polka_dot_tutorial_dottie_doodle-005So that’s all there is to it.  As a beginner, I found you get the best results by being as neat and precise as you can, and by taking your time.  I had to completely redo my first couple of attempts!

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