Trying to gain good habits – 2015 goals

One of my goals for this year is to become healthier – lose some weight, get fitter, eat more healthily. Until recently I had done nothing about it.  NOTHING!  I don’t have a horribly unhealthy lifestyle – I walk Hetty twice a day and we eat very well (though perhaps too much, and not always the right things).  But I feel a bit bleugh a lot of the time.

I read Leo Babauta’s advice (of Zen Habits) to work on one habit at a time.  My inclination is to want to change everything at once, but as that wasn’t working  I thought I’d give this minimalist approach a go.  You can read his article on successfully ingraining new behaviours here.

My one habit is to practice Yoga or Pilates every weekday, and I’m using an app called Habit List to track my progress.  My main barrier to doing this is thinking ‘I’ll just skip a day and do it tomorrow’.  I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks and (although I have missed a few days) it’s motivating to see the little green circles adding up. I’m using Rachel Brathen’s new 20 minute yoga downloads.  It’s very hard to argue that I don’t have 20 minutes to practice, and I might even do two on a good day!


Hetty adores this new regime and expresses it in her usual exuberant fashion.  So far I’ve been rolled on, headbutted, had my feet licked, and her little face pops up in the most unlikely places as she tries to join in!

3 thoughts on “Trying to gain good habits – 2015 goals

  1. This is a great idea! I’m trying to get into the habit of 10000 steps a day. Both me and the dog will benefit! I’m off to check out these links. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your yoga practice.

  2. Hello! Great post on gaining good habits, I found the article on habit changes really interesting – and applicable to how I have been feeling lately. For me, when the seasons change I always feel a renewed urge to improve things, I think your ‘one thing at a time’ plan is really doable. Good luck with the goals – and a huge thank you for following my blog!

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