Chambray Banksia and sewing from the stash drawer


I started this Banksia top last summer, at sewing lessons, but made a mistake so hid it under my stash fabric – which I believe is the grown up response when mistakes are made.


I wanted to add buttoned cuffs to the pattern – which my sewing teacher showed me how to do.  My mistake was to put them on the wrong way, so the longer piece where the button goes was on the wrong side.   And how long did it take to fix?  About half an hour – I’m very glad I dug it out!


I’m hoping the chambray will get softer with washing as it’s a little stiff at the moment, but otherwise I’m very pleased with this.

I’m wearing it with another Colette Mabel from my stash busting list.

Having a list to work from is really helping me focus, and I came across this great series of posts from The Craft Sessions on having a thoughtful stash.

At the moment my rule is to only buy things I need to complete stash projects.  I stretched that rule yesterday to buy two half price Vogue patterns at Minerva.  Rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?!

6 thoughts on “Chambray Banksia and sewing from the stash drawer

  1. Cute top, it was worth getting it out and finishing it. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hides things that need fixing.

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