Favourite Podcasts


I wrote about how much I love listening to podcasts back in November, and since then I’ve found more and more to enjoy.

One or two  are quite new, so I thought you might be interested to hear about them, if you haven’t already.

My top three at the moment –

Dear Sugar Radio – based on the Dear Sugar advice column, with Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Steve Almond.  Thoughtful and complex advice.

The Weekly Creative – Derek Walker chats about creative principles and how they apply to everyday situations.  I always feel like I’m catching up with an old friend when I’m listening.

Gretchen Rubin – the author of The Happiness Project discusses with her sister strategies for improving happiness.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Podcasts

  1. Cool. I’ve also recently just discovered podcasts and gravitated towards fitness and classical music. They are so much fun indeed 🙂 I’ll be checking out Gretchen Rubin’s. Glad you shared!

  2. I can always tell I’ve not been sewing enough when I have a backlog of podcasts. I have a LOT of The Archers waiting for me! 😉 Off to check these out…I do love a great podcast.

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