Decluttering tip – have a short term goal

Thank you for all your comments about my decluttering challenge – it’s nice to know I’m not alone !

I found decluttering fun at first, but it got harder, and something that helped me keep going was having a goal which would make a difference to my everyday life.


I’ve recently started making fabric covered mirrors and badges.  I love making these, thriftily using up all my scraps of fabric.

But the downside is, more equipment, and more boxes of fabric.  Plus when we use the dining room (where I work) for entertaining, I have to haul everything upstairs.  And if those friends are staying with us and I can’t use the guest room as a store, everything has to go under our bed.

So I decided to clear a cupboard beside my work table so I could put my things away.


I’d already decluttered these cupboards, so I went through everything again, and found a few more bits and pieces to go. Then it was about moving things around, using up space I’d already freed in the kitchen and living room cupboards.


I now just have to take three things upstairs – my sewing machine and cutting board, and a big wooden tray where I keep my thread, scissors and fastenings.  Everything else goes in the cupboard, even my serger.

IMG_3408This has made such a difference to my working life.  I feel much calmer and can think more clearly when I’m not surrounded by things I’m not currently using, but it’s great to be able to access everything easily.

I’m also very motivated not to ‘lose’ my cupboard by buying more clutter!

6 thoughts on “Decluttering tip – have a short term goal

  1. Haha! I’m off to Ikea at the weekend to buy a trolley to sew my sewing stuff until the sewing room is done (such a long way away). I’m still at the having fun throwing stuff out stage. A boot full went to the recycling this week….we have a way to go. I’m adopting a slight “slash and burn” approach and not being remotely sentimental about stuff. I think paying for storage really focusses the mind! 😉
    I love your cupboard…I can’t wait till I’m organising again rather than just clearing.

  2. So inspirational! It may be the fact that spring feels like it might finally be arriving, and the prevalence of purging and organising on blogs and social media at the moment, makes me want to have a really good ‘slash and burn’!

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