A very quick skirt story – Colette Mabel


On Christmas Day, I decided I “needed” a black pencil skirt to wear to my brother’s Boxing Day party.  So while Mr D was preparing the veg for lunch, and made a little reckless by a glass of Prosecco,  I made this!

“What are you doing” said Mr D from the kitchen.

“Making a skirt”.

“Oh, alright then”.

He’s so understanding.

I decided to omit the back vent – a combination of wanting to save time and I also like the hobbling effect of a tight skirt.  I used to wear them in the eighties, made from woven fabrics (bless my 19 year old self).  I must have looked so funny, scuttling around with tiny steps.

This scuba knit fabric, however, is so stretchy that I can walk perfectly well.


It’s hard to see in black but the panels are a lovely shape.

This is probably my quickest make ever, and I’ve had so much wear from it.  It’s great to throw on with a jumper and boots for everyday, and it doesn’t crease.


I made the skirt entirely on my serger, apart from the hem which I serged to neaten and then stitched with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine.


Pattern: Colette Mabel
Fabric:  Black Scuba Jersey from Minerva here

Inspired by Karen’s story challenge post.

7 thoughts on “A very quick skirt story – Colette Mabel

  1. You sound like me – I always decide I need a new item of clothing for an event at the last minute! Great skirt, and I loved being reminded of the 80’s tube skirts, of which I had several. A bright yellow one springs to mind!

  2. I’ve made 5 Mabel’s, I think it’s a great pattern. Every one is a different size though relating to differences in the ponte ….. Mmm I may need a black one now!

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