Floral silk Chardon skirt


This silk was an unusual fabric choice for me (I’m a bit of a bargain hunter) but when I won a Drygoods Design gift certificate from Sanae I thought I would splash out on a bit of luxury.

It’s an unusual mid-weight silk, with a twill like texture – and the colours, oh the colours!  I wanted to keep the fabric in as few pieces as I could, so I didn’t break up the pattern too much.  I’ve made a Chardon skirt before, and it seemed the very thing.

Sidenote: when making this skirt I discovered why my previous version didn’t fit well around the waist, and why I had to recut the front facing as it was too small.  I’d left out the centre pleat!  Doh.


It was a dream to sew, and beautiful to wear.  I haven’t pressed the pleats down, so it has a slightly floaty, bell shape.


I love the way the fabric goes with this red cardigan, but it also looks good with black, teal, pink and gold.  I think I will get lots of wear from it, and I’m a convert to investing in gorgeous fabric, such a pleasure to sew and wear!

IMG_2833Pattern: Chardon Skirt by Deer & Doe
Fabric: Silk Floral, available here
Cardigan: Seasalt

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