Goal # 4 – Get rid of 500 things

Two more bags for the charity shop
Two more bags for the charity shop

One of my goals for this year was to wave goodbye to 500 things by the end of May.  And I’m halfway there!

We moved to this house 7 years ago, and I found that a helpful cut off point.  If we hadn’t used something since we moved, we probably won’t use it again.

However, I had a massive clear out last year so the ‘easy’ (for me) things, like culling our DVD collection, clothes, glasses and crockery, had been done.

Selecting these things was very bitty, a few here and a few there. But they add up.

The list is below, roughly in order of selection.  You can see my progress from my wardrobe, to Hetty’s dog toys, to the drinks cupboard (!), and the kitchen.  With a few random stops in between.

Things that stood out for me –

I feel dreadful about the amount of food I had to get rid of.  We always cook from scratch and these were mainly ingredients we don’t use very often so the remains of the packet had gone out of date (waaaay out of date.  Years).

Now I can see what we have and easily check supplies before we go shopping.  Also, I’ll make plans to use up those more unusual ingredients.

Christmas crackers are great fun, but nobody wants to keep the gifts.  I’ll make my own, with consumable gifts next Christmas.  Maybe chocolates, then we can eat any that are left behind!

I must stop buying sewing patterns and craft supplies without a plan to use them. They will still be in the shop later!  I counted stash fabric used in my total, because that’s always a good thing to do (fabric horder? me?).

Will I find another 250 things and meet my target?  I have no idea, but the bags are ready!

  • 2 bags of buttons
  • 2 pair of shoes
  • 38 items of clothing
  • 18 Christmas cracker gifts
  • 1 leaky water filter bottle
  • 2 unused attachments for food mixer
  • 3 dog collars (too small)
  • 3 dog toys (mortally wounded)
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 1 miniature bottle kumquat liquer (holiday souvenir)
  • 2 bottles pink fizz
  • 1 broken laptop
  • 1 broken coffee machine
  • 3 bags of cables for long-gone electrical equipment
  • 12 sewing patterns
  • 30 books
  • 1 bag scrapbook scraps
  • 5 pieces of fabric
  • 10 miscellaneous sewing supplies
  • 6 napkin rings
  • 29 tins/ packets of food
  • 12 coat hangers
  • 2 small baskets
  • 1 golf ball
  • 1 photo album
  • 2 draught excluders (new doors, no draughts)
  • 1 vase
  • 3 jelly moulds
  • 1 rolling pin
  • 3 baking tins
  • 1 quilling set
  • 2 craft stamps
  • 2 stash fabric used
  • 2 reels of ribbon
  • 1 game
  • 2 bowls
  • 10 beauty product samples
  • 1 photo album
  • 1 box wedding cards (post here)
  • 1 travel alarm clock
  • 3 cacti
  • 1 plant pot
  • 6 towels
  • 2 christmas decorations
  • 5 pieces jewellery
  • 1 bike helmet (gave away my bike last year)
  • 1 puncture repair kit
  • 2 measuring spoons
  • 2 bags

*I gave these things away or recycled them where I could

14 thoughts on “Goal # 4 – Get rid of 500 things

  1. I think I might start keeping a note of how many things I give away – this is a great idea. I’m hoping to sort out some stuff this weekend and am ebaying stuff right now too so this might be a good time to do it. Thanks for the motivation!!

  2. I really need to do this, I have way too much stuff! I did ebay some sewing patterns I knew I’d never use recently, but then a few more have already come in to replace them.

  3. we are about to move so I am having a massive clean out, but my word has it all piled up since we last moved 7 years ago. 2 car loads of stuff (mostly clothes, yarn and fabric) are already gone to charity. I think in future I will try to do that more regularly, cause I actually find all this stuff suffocating. Good luck with reaching your 500 🙂

  4. The is a great de-cluttering idea. Something I’m sorely in need of. “1 golf ball” made me laugh. Its just so random. LOL! Thanks for recommending your blog to me on OLW! Definitely going on my to read list.

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