Make + Review – Animal Hats: 25 Fun Projects

I love craft books and buy far too many of them, and get lots out of the public library as well.  How to justify this to myself – well, I could blog about it, which gives me an incentive to make something too!

This is the first of a new series of posts where I show you something I’ve made, and share some thoughts about the book too.

IMG_3037The full title of this book is Animal Hats: 25 fun projects to knit, crochet and make from fleece.  Unlike the lengthy title, the patterns are straightforward and all look easy to make.

My sister loved the matching panda hats I made her and Tiny Niece last year, so when I saw this owl pattern it was a must (she loves owls).

It’s a teabag hat, which is made in a square.  When you put it on, you magically get ears – adorably modelled by Greta!

image (1)

I made the adult size for Jo, then made Greta’s using a baby hat pattern, but knit in a square instead of shaping it at the crown.  I had to have two goes at scaling down the owl face.  Doing it by eye didn’t work too well – it looked more hawk than owl.  So I used some graph paper to plot out the design.

IMG_3038I liked this pattern very much.  It was easy but the results are striking, and the other patterns in the book look just as good.

This fox is so cute –IMG_3040and the back of the book shows a few more designs –

IMG_3039A thumbs up from me!

Congratulations to Sue , the winner of the Mirror and Badge Set giveaway.  Thank you to everyone who answered my question – the Liberty patchwork sets were the most popular, but it was close.

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