Honey, I miniaturized the memories


During my search for 500 things to wave goodbye to, before the end of May ( My five goals for 2015), I came across two boxes of wedding cards and memorabilia.


We’ve been married for 12 years, and probably haven’t opened these boxes for ten or more. In fact, when I asked Mr D if I could throw/recycle the contents, he didn’t realise we still had them!

We have some beautiful photo albums to remind us of the day, which we do look at. Usually on our anniversary – ahh!

We enjoyed looking through the cards for a final time, and when it came to putting the cards in the recycling box, I hesitated.  I love the mix of designs, and wanted to keep something of them.

So – I cut them up and put them into these mini pockets!


I have to say, it took FOREVER!  To speed the process up, I made a template square from card, and drew round the bits of the wedding cards I wanted to save (this was done in the evening in front of the TV).

Then I used my paper trimmer to cut up the cards.


I do like seeing all the designs together.  There is such a range, from traditional, to modern, embellished and minimal.  And an awful lot of teddies getting married – was 2002 the year of the teddy?  I liked using the pieces of acetate behind embellisments, and putting together some layers of different cards.


More news next week on my 500 things challenge – I’m nearly half way there!

I used:

Coin pocket page protectors from here
Fiskars A5 Paper Trimmer

5 thoughts on “Honey, I miniaturized the memories

  1. That’s a really good idea. I have a box of cards from our wedding, and I’m not quite ready to ditch it yet (we’ve only been married for less than 2 years), but if my husband gets on one of his organizing/tossing binges, this could be a great compromise. Now if only I could do this with the Christmas cards, but everyone does photo postcards now…

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