My five goals for 2015

Happy holidays from Hetty!

This is my second post inspired by Gillian’s Top 5 lists.

Looking back at the year, I think the main thing I’ve learned is I have enough time to get everything done, but I don’t achieve what I want because I haven’t been clear about my goals.  I’ve lost focus.

So I’ve picked five goals for 2015.

1. Develop a capsule wardrobe.  I enjoyed doing this for our holiday in September, and have been thinking about choosing an everyday capsule wardrobe since then. I hope this will help me prioritise my sewing.  It would also be good to get a few more winter garments sewn up before the weather changes!

2. Be healthier.  I think we all know this means I’d like to lose some weight, but I’m going to focus on exercise and good food rather than the scales.

3. Take more photographs – this is all about enjoying the moment, and being able to look back and remember good times.

4. Simplify our surroundings by getting rid of things we don’t need.  I’m going to aim for 500 items gone by the end of May.  I actually started this at beginning of December to prepare for Christmas.  There may be pie charts!

5. Work  I’m happy with the range of products I have so it’s going to be a year of making plenty of stock (I ran a bit low this Christmas), and choosing some lovely new fabrics.  The mirror and mini badge machines I bought this year have been a great success and I love creating matching sets with the notebook covers I make. Look out for a giveaway in the New Year.

Thank you for reading, and looking forward to lots of creativity and fun in 2015!




10 thoughts on “My five goals for 2015

  1. I’m in awe of your plan to get rid of 500 things – 5 is about my limit, so I will be asking you for tips over coffee and healthy cake! I give you 5 stars for the lovely mirrors and badges, especially the ones with magical powers 🙂 Happy new year.

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