Navy linen skirt and some thoughts on not making everything…

Simplicity 2451

This is Simplicity 2451 in the navy linen I used to make my holiday shorts.  Not a huge amount to say really, apart from it’s a great pattern (4 years old!) with many, many lovely versions on the interwebs.  This is view C, and the only change I made was to omit the back vent.  I seem to be able to walk ok…


I planned to show you this skirt with a me-made knit top, but it went horribly wrong.  Lumpy seams, wavy hem – the only good thing is it’s also too big, so I may be able to salvage it.  I haven’t yet made a successful t-shirt.  I know other people can do it, I’ve seen the pictures!

I signed up for Goodbye Valentino’s Ready To Wear fast this year.  I thought it would be easy – I did the Seamless project for 18 months.  But that was two years ago and I had lots and lots of rtw clothes then.

I broke the fast in the summer because I needed t-shirts and vest tops to go with my lovely me-made skirts.

I’m going to change my approach to making clothes.  Instead of trying to make everything, I’m going to focus on things I enjoy making and which have a reasonably good chance of being successful.  I know it’s good to try new techniques but I hate wasting precious sewing hours (and fabric).

It’s also really nice to go into a shop and just buy something!  So I shall plan my sewing AND my shopping for this winter.  Maybe even a Project 333 33 piece capsule wardrobe.



5 thoughts on “Navy linen skirt and some thoughts on not making everything…

  1. Love the skirt but also really like your attitude. I’d love to only wear handmade, but at the moment that would mean walking round in my birthday suit. Not only would it be cold but it would raise eyebrows at the school gate. As with children, I think sometimes you just have to choose your battles. And sewing is meant to be fun, no?

  2. I agree! Much as I love making clothes, sometimes it is so nice just to go out and buy something. I have absolutely no desire to have a 100% handmade wardrobe.

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