Summer holiday capsule wardrobe

I’ve been reading about capsule wardrobes recently.  The idea is you have a selection of pieces in complementary colours which will all work together.  So you can have a versatile and flexible wardrobe, without having lots of clothes.  The selections always look brilliant and I like the idea of planning what to wear (and sew!) at the beginning of each season.

I thought I’d give it a try with my holiday wardrobe.  My usual packing technique is to stick anything vaguely suitable in my suitcase and hope for the best!

We went to Corfu this year.  The first two days were spent in Corfu town, then we went to stay in the North East for a very relaxing time of beach/pool and tavernas.

Not pictured – two white vest tops and t-shirts, and a black vest top. 3 bikinis and a beach cover up. Navy linen trousers (not worn).

Shoes – black Birkenstocks, brown Hi-Tech walking sandals, gold wedge sandals by Ash.

What I learned:

  • I need fewer clothes than I think I do for daytime.  This selection was far more than I needed.
  • Another dress or two for evening would be good, just because it’s fun to dress up.  Especially maxis to reduce the need for mozzie spray. I loved wearing the refashioned Ghost dress.
  • I always forget how warm it is.  The green dress is lined and quite fitted at the top, and was far too hot.
  • I must try harder to make everything go with everything else.  Some shapes were wrong together – like the striped top and red skirt, which are both quite loose fitting.
  • Shorts are fantastic!  I wore both pairs several times.

This was a great thing to do.  I took fewer clothes than I normally do, but enjoyed  what I took more, because the colours worked together and most of the tops went with the most of the bottoms.   Next year I shall plan ahead and make some dresses for the evenings.  Something to think about on cold winter days!

I’m going to try to make a capsule wardrobe for the winter, next.  More soon.


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