Wristlet keyring tutorial and giveaway

dottie doodle keyring tutorial

I’ve been making these wristlet keyrings for a while.  They make great gifts, and sell very well at craft fairs.  Some of my customers come back to see me with keyrings they have had for years!

Here is how to make one – and scroll down to the end to see how to win a keyring and some attachments to make your own.

You will need –

dottie doodle keyring12″ x 3″ home dec weight fabric
12″ x 1″ quilters wadding
1″ keyring hardware (available at etsy)


1. Fold over one long edge of the fabric to hide the raw edge, then fold the fabric around the wadding (enclosing it).  The width needs to be very slightly less than 1 inch, to fit into the hardware neatly (you don’t want the band to poke out the sides).  I find the grid on my cutting mat helps with this, or you could draw a guide on a piece of card.


2. Pin


3. Stitch along the folded edge.  A walking foot is useful, but not essential.


4. Stitch another two or three rows parallel with the first, for decoration and to hold the band together.  Trim the ends.


5. Fit the ends of the band inside the keyring attachment and squeeze together with pliers.  Use a scrap piece of fabric to protect the metal from scratching


Admire your new keyring!  To win this keyring, and three of the attachments to make your own, please leave a comment on this post.

dottie doodle keyring tutorial

I’ll post internationally, and will choose the winner by random selection on Monday 6 October at 9am GMT.

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed – the winner was Scruffy Badger!

18 thoughts on “Wristlet keyring tutorial and giveaway

  1. What a great key ring wrist thing!! I’d love to give making one of these a go, so please enter me for the giveaway, thank you!

  2. I’ve always been intrigued by these! Thank you for the tutorial. I’d love to have a go so an entry into the giveaway would be great. Also, do you have any recommendations for the sellers of the clips? Thanks!!

    1. I buy them from everythingribbons on etsy, and always had great service from them. A bit expensive for small quantities though (with the postage from the US) so I am planning to sell a few myself – more on that next week!

  3. This is such a clever idea! I would love to win this giveaway, but especially for the attachments to make several as gifts. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  4. How sweet to be able to make your own, my keys hang from one that was with the car. I would love to customize mine. Thanks for the chance.

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