Simple refashion – red linen dress to skirt

This Farhi dress has been a favourite for years, and the top was looking rather worn.  The skirt still looked good though and it is such a beautiful pinky red, so I thought I’d try to save it.

Farhi red linen dress

I removed the side zip and cut off the top.  Then I lengthened the remaining zip slit and inserted a skirt length zip.  There wasn’t enough fabric in the top to make waist facings, so I used a wide piece of bias binding.  I sewed this to the top (right sides together), folded it over and machined it down.



New skirt!

Farhi refashion

And an added extra – a beautiful Ghost dress which I’ve had for a couple of years and not worn.  It’s a very floaty, slightly sheer dress, but it had elbow length sleeves which meant it didn’t work for hot weather or holidays.  So I took a deep breath and cut them off!

Navy Ghost dress

After a lot of thought, I decided to leave a centimetre of sleeve attached, which I folded over twice then handstitched to the inside.  This meant I kept the original topstitching on the edge.  Here’s the inside.


And I’m very pleased to report that I have already worn it, for our wedding anniversary dinner!


6 thoughts on “Simple refashion – red linen dress to skirt

  1. Fantastic refashions! You’d never have known either had a former life. The black dress in particular is beautiful.

  2. That red dress was too divine a colour to not save. Mmm!
    I’ve done something similar with cutting sleeves off as you did but nowhere near so neatly! Maybe I need to handsew them down too. I used the sewing machine on mine.

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