A confession about (lack of) fitting – Burda 7531

I haven’t tucked a top into a skirt for years!  But when I took the initial pictures of this skirt, I realised it looked so much better with my t-shirt tucked in.  It’s funny how that wasn’t obvious to me in the mirror.

Burda 7531 skirt
Too big.

Then I realised that I had been lazy about fitting, because I thought the skirt waist would be covered by my top.  Taking it in by an inch has made it much more flattering.

I bought this fabric before I knew what I was going to make with it – love the colour!  Then I realised that the print would mean most of my skirt patterns wouldn’t work as they would chop it up.  Burda 7531 seemed to be a good solution.  There is a seam down the front and back, which I’ve highlighted with a row of stitching, and a dart across the front.  Otherwise, it’s a straightforward shape which meant pattern matching went pretty well.

Burda 7531

The front and back seam lines and horizontal darts give a lovely shape.

I’m looking forward to trying the pattern in a plainer fabric which will show off the seam lines.  I have some vintage tweed which I think will be great for the winter.

Vintage tweed fabric

IMG_2486Pattern: Burda 7531 £3.50
Fabric: Quilting cotton £0 (a gift from Mr D)
Everything else from stash

Cost: £3.50




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