Puppy poop bag holder – tutorial

Not my most glamorous make, but very useful!

dottie doodle poop bag holder

I find that clean poop bags get tucked away into pockets and bags, and I can never find one when I want one.  This holder can be hung on the back of a door, and it has saved me so much time already.  Pup is grateful too – no more waiting when she wants to go out to play!

The design can also be scaled up to make a plastic carrier bag holder.

You will need:


27cm square of fabric, elastic, tape or ribbon

Fold bottom edge up twice to make a channel, stitch and thread elastic through.

Pull up elastic leaving a small opening. Sew side seam wrong sides together.

Turn inside out. Pin handle so it is within the bag, as pictured.

Sew up the side (to make a french seam) and along top.  Sew a line of zig zag along the top edge to make it stronger, as the handle will be tugged whenever bags are removed from the bottom.

Turn right way out, and you’re done!

Here is Hetty on our morning walk, in heroic pose.


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