How to make a simple skirt difficult

Prima skirt february 2010

This was the first piece of vintage fabric I bought – about four years ago – and the piece that made me want to start sewing clothes.  I’m glad I waited this long to use it – it was a nightmare to sew.

Fortunately, I chose a simple pattern, a circle skirt on a yolk, from Prima Magazine February 2010.  If I’d gone for a more complicated pattern we would be looking at a sad heap of fabric!

Prima magazine february 2010 skirt

The fabric is crepe, and it seemed fine at first.  Very drapey, but stable.  Oh no it wasn’t!  Once it was cut, it stretched, and stretched….  None of the pieces fit together.  I underlined in silk cotton, which helped.  And then I just worked at it, a little at a time.  Lots of hand stitching, lots of unpicking.  It spent weeks hanging in the wardrobe before I hemmed it.

But now it is done – hurray! – and I am happy.  It is wonderfully drapey and swishy to wear.

Prima skirt feb 2010  Prima skirt back feb 2010

Do you have any tips for handling this kind of fabric?  I’m thinking ‘never again’ at the moment, but who knows!

5 thoughts on “How to make a simple skirt difficult

  1. I’ve heard that “starching” the fabric with a a gelatin solution is a great way to solve this…it’s stiffens the fabric for sewing but washes out. Haven’t tried it…a quick Google search will find you the “recipe”.
    That aside, it was worth the effort. I’d happily part with hard earned cash for that skirt…it’s gorgeous.

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