Sewing space and stash essentials

I enjoyed reading about Jenny’s ( Bobbins and Whimsy ) 7 sewing stash essentials – and interested to see most of them were different from mine. So I thought I’d share too!

1. Thread of many colours

Dottie Doodle sewing tray

This is the wooden tray I keep by my sewing machine.  I found it in an antique shop and it’s big (65cm long) with deep compartments.  I sew in the dining room, so it’s very useful when I need to clear the  room quickly – for dining purposes!   The top three sections hold all purpose thread, sorted into cool, warm and neutral colours.   The mini mince pie is a needle cushion – I don’t often stash pies here.

2. Bias binding and coloured tapes for hems


I like experimenting with colour and having a stash of tapes mean I can try out different options.  If I’d gone to buy binding for this skirt I would probably gone with black, but I love the way this blue brings out the blue of the print.  I search flea markets and jumble sales for supplies.

3. Buttons


I’ve been lucky to inherit lots of buttons, and I buy more from vintage fairs.  I’d love to store them all together in a tin like my Granny did, but sorting by colour is more practical!  I hardly ever have to buy buttons for a project, but have indulged in some pink sparkly and daisy ones for tiny niece!

4. Zips

I prefer using invisible zips, but it’s a half hour drive to my nearest stockist.  So I order them online, whenever I’m ordering fabric.  And save them from clothes on their way to the recycling bin.

5. Denim

Denim skirts are my favourite thing to wear at home, winter and summer.  Pretty Grievances said recently that she needs to stop making tops which only go with a denim skirt.  I have the same problem, but my solution is to make more denim skirts!  I still haven’t found my perfect denim fabric so I usually have a couple of metres of a new candidate to try.

The latest is from Plush Addict, here.

6. Silk/Cotton lining

I love this stuff, it is so cool and luxurious.  I buy mine from a certain auction site, from Hong Kong.  Just search for silk cotton lining and you’ll find it.

7. Interfacing and knit interfacing

Boring but essential!

And finally, a glimpse of my sewing space –



5 thoughts on “Sewing space and stash essentials

  1. This is a really interesting post Denise. I love seeing what other people use! I am disappointed however that you don’t stash mince pies with your sewing supplies, you never know when you might need one!

  2. I love your sewing box! Such a great find! I think if I were going to modify my list at all, I might add buttons. I never can find the buttons I really want!

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