June and half year goals update

June and half year goals update

Black and white building with japanese cat

2014 resolution – to make 52 things
I’ve made 23 items, so almost on target.  Most were made from stash fabric (v.good) but only eight  were for me!  More selfish sewing is definitely needed.

June goals

One of my June goals was to take more photos.  This is one of my favourites.  I’m really pleased with the colours and composition, and can you see the tiny cat peeping out of the top left hand window?!

I signed up for Tammy Strobel’s Everyday Magic photography course last month.  It is brilliant.  Plenty of advice and encouragement from Tammy, and also the most supportive Facebook group.  If you’re interested in improving your photography, have a look.  There is a new course beginning in the late summer.

Get rid of 100 things – done!

Make a quilt block – done.  And I love quilt blocks now – more on that in a later post.

Finish some UFOs – one done, one to go.

Learn to bake bread – I found the dough hook for the mixer.  Sometimes it’s baby steps!

And finally, my goals for July –

Practice Pilates.  I’m taking a weekly class at Enlightened Body (near Honiton, Devon) which is wonderful, so my goal is to practice at least twice a week at home.

Bullet Journalling – a kind of upgrading to-do list method found at Very Kerry Berry in her excellent Three Ways to Keep Calm post

Try some tapestry.  I adore Emily Peacock’s designs.  Before I invest in a kit, I want to try a smaller tapestry.  Her circus letter designs are available free here so I’m going to try a “D”.

I’ve enjoyed having these goals, the past month.  It just gives me a little push to try new things.  I think it’s important they don’t become a chore though, which is why I have three goals instead of five in July!

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