Keepsake owl and Me Made May pledge


Simplicity 1549 owl

This little owl was a request from my sister.  It’s made from Tiny Niece’s first baby clothes.  This is the second I’ve made – the first was a dinosaur for her brother – and I’ve learned a few things the hard way!

– Most important is to use a pattern with big pieces, and not too many of them.  This pattern, from Simplicity 1549, is ideal.  The dinosaur wasn’t!  Great pattern, but had many little pieces and there was a point when I was surrounded by countless tiny bits of jersey and I really wanted to give up.  But couldn’t, because the pieces were made from precious baby clothes.

– Joining different prints together to fit the pattern pieces looks great.  Here, I’ve used some decorative stitching to highlight the seam.

Simplicity 1549 owl

– Use iron-on knit interfacing for the main body pieces.  I didn’t with the dinosaur, and when stuffed he grew, and grew…  We named him Tubbysaurus.

– Stitch limbs to the back piece before joining.  You don’t want to have to unpick, the less handled the better.

– Watch out for poppers and buttons which might break your needle.  Guess how I know.

The eyes on this owl are appliqued circles with embroidered eyelashes, and the beak is felt.  Tiny Niece loved him!

On a completely different subject, I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s Me Made May exploits.  I’m aiming to wear one me-made every day.  I want to see which things get the most wear, and identify any gaps.  I’m planning a league table at the end of the month as I don’t like taking daily pictures.  I’m so glad the rules are flexible!


3 thoughts on “Keepsake owl and Me Made May pledge

  1. How amazingly cute! So very sweet. I am sure such a lovely aunt has a lovely niece.
    Thank you for sharing.

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