Sew Sessment

Another great idea from Karen of DidYouMakeThat – a quick questionnaire to help us analyse our sewing.

This is great timing for me.  I’ve been taking an unplanned blogging break, while I’ve started taking sewing lessons to improve my skills.  I got tired of wearing things that weren’t quite right!  I’ve got a whole string of posts coming up on things I have learned.

Meanwhile here are my answers to the Sew Sessment.

Top 3 items I wear at home:

Denim skirts, jersey trousers, sweatshirts/t-shirts (depending on temperature)

Top 3 items I wear for work:

Me-made dresses, blouses & skirts, usually with a vintage feel (I sell my work at craft fairs and like to look the part.  Otherwise I work from home, so as above).

Top 3 sewing talents:

Determination, willingness to try new things, usually quick to learn

Top 3 sewing weak spots:

Impatience, pressing, not checking muslins actually fit (just because I can get it on doesn’t mean it fits!)

Top 3 sewing goals:

Make more everyday clothes, invest in better quality fabric (keep cheaper stuff for wearable muslins), keep learning new techniques

Top 3 people who enable me:

Mr Doodle (always encouraging and sometimes buys me fabric!), Sewing bloggers, Sara Radford (my sewing teacher)

Top 3 people I enable:

Sewing friends

Top 3 reasons I can’t sew:

Time, not planning properly (lots of UFOs)

Top 3 reasons I can sew:

Love creating things, great vintage fabric dealers in the South West, time (I’ve worked part time since leaving the corporate world 5 years ago)

Number 1 challenge I set myself:

To make a ‘proper’ winter coat.  I have the fabric, pattern (Burda 6987) and sewing teacher!

Thanks Karen, that was a very helpful exercise!  The first thing I’m going to do as a result is to buy some better quality fabric for the ‘at home’ clothes I wear most of the time.

One thought on “Sew Sessment

  1. I completely agree – I have to start investing in better quality fabric! It’s so tempting to buy more affordable fabrics to save money in the short term, but I always wind up being unhappy with how the garment wears over time – fading, pilling, etc. It’s just like taking the time to finish seams properly – the extra time upfront will prolong the life of the garment.

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