Radio 4 – A Gripping Yarn

Dottie doodle age 4

This is me, aged 4, wearing one of Granny’s handknits.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by knitting – I used to think it was like magic when she made me something.

There was a very interesting documentary on Radio 4 this morning about knitting.  Did you know there were songs written to encourage knitting for the troups during World War 1?  And the slogans – Pearl Habor, Purl Harder was one.  Different times.

I especially liked the piece about the spinner who is inspired by her moorland walks, using spinning like poetry.  And the slightly sinister use of knitted gifts as manipulation by one person’s Granny – will try not to be guilty of that!

Well worth a listen, and you can find the podcast here.




2 thoughts on “Radio 4 – A Gripping Yarn

  1. That’s very cool! I have a bunch of needlecraft magazines my mum gave me from the 60’s and it’s fascinating how differently craft was perceived throughout the years, as it’s turned from necessity to hobby 🙂 Cute pic of you btw 😉

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