Baby mock Fair Isle cardigan

I’ve been quiet clothes sewing-wise for a while. I was finding the gap between the way I wanted things to be finished and my abilities a bit frustrating! I used to be perfectly happy to walk around with a not-very invisible zip and a wonky hem.  Now I know better, but not always how to fix things.

So I’m going to sewing lessons! I’m going to be a bit slower on the finished objects for a while, but already learned loads, so hopefully will have lots to show you soon.


Meanwhile, some tiny knitting.  Isn’t this a great photo?  Taken by Greta’s mummy (my sister, Jo) and just look at those eyelashes.

The yarn is Sirdar Baby Crofter DK.  It produces a Fair Isle pattern as you knit.  I was sceptical, but it is brilliant!  So much fun to see the pattern emerging.  The pattern was from one of the Baby Crofter pattern books, but you don’t need to use a special pattern with the yarn.

Sirdar baby crofter dk IMG_0952

The Fair Isle pattern works best on smaller areas – you can see on the back of the cardi that it isn’t quite so convincing.  I managed to match the two front pieces by beginning at the same point in the yarn pattern – a long strand of dark purple.

I added some pink sparkly buttons – bliss!



2 thoughts on “Baby mock Fair Isle cardigan

  1. Adorable – both the baby and the sweater! I’m so shocked that the yarn produced that Fair Isle effect itself. I’ve used those types of space-dyed yarns for socks, but never knew they made similar ones for sweaters!

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