Wardrobe Architect – colours, solids and prints

Here is the second of my Coletterie Wardrobe Architect posts – on colour and pattern.

I choose fabrics because I like them, but don’t think how they will fit into my wardrobe.  I think having a restricted palette will help me.

I spent around two hours choosing my palettes on the Design Seeds website.  Very, very addictive!

image image image

Lots of blue (my staple is navy), with contrasts of green, red, orange.  Plus a little brown and grey.

Next, I pulled the patterned garments out of my wardrobe – the ones I wear the most.  Try not to laugh….




I’ll wear most of these with a brighter plain top – teal and burnt orange are favourites.

I really don’t like much colour in my patterns, do I?!  I can see I prefer graphic prints, even the flowers are stylised designs.  So that explains why I never wear the floral fabrics that I like to buy and sew.

Several days later…

I’ve been looking at fabrics and using a limited colour palette and knowing I don’t wear bright patterns or florals has been a revelation.  Usually I’ll get stuck thinking I like something, but not sure if I’ll wear it.

I did some virtual shopping (it’s my birthday soon!) and this is what I chose –

fabric shopping

My plan was to keep to the colours and patterns I now know I will wear, but introduce some stronger colour and a little quirkiness.  A few more stripes and dots and I’m done.

I’m really pleased with this.  I’m sure I will wear these fabrics (or similar – whatever I end up buying).  By reducing the colour and pattern options, the process of choosing was much easier.  I should have more choice in what I wear too – not just graphic navy and white patterns!

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect – colours, solids and prints

  1. I really like your colour palettes. I wear a lot of blue in the summer, not so much in the winter though.

    I too discovered that I often don’t like to wear the fabrics I love to buy! I find it hard to find nice plain coloured fabrics, prints seem so much more plentiful.

  2. I’ve made a start on pulling my colour palettes together and at first felt they were really restrictive…but now I’m starting to see them as really cohesive. I’m starting to think that fabric/yarn shopping will become sooooo much simpler once this project is completed.

  3. Looks like a nice palette! I have trouble settling on solid colors, too. Prints are just soooo much more fun to shop for.

    And I marked that pattern as yours. 🙂

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