Sweatshirt with mock band hem – tutorial

This is my favourite ‘working at home’ outfit at the moment – my new red hoodie with a denim skirt, fleece lined footless tights (mmm!) and cozy socks.  I’ve only made the hoodie so far – I’ll work on making the rest!

Vogue 9926 Vogue 9926 back

This is quite an old pattern – Vogue 9926.  I cut a bit of the top of the sleeve as I was getting a strange puff effect.  I love the neckline and the fit of the shoulder and sleeve.


For the hem, I found a mock band hem in The Overlocker Technique Manual by Julia Hincks.

1. With the wrong side up, fold a hem.  Pin and press.


2. Turn to the right side.  Fold the hem down so you have the raw edge level with the new fold.  Serge these three layers together.


3. Turn the hem down, press and you’re done!


The Overlocker Technique Manual looks really good – lots of lovely, clear photos. I’ll write a review when I’ve had time to read it!

IMG_1326-001Pattern: Vogue Elements 9926 (1996)

Fabric: Ponte jersey

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