Black red velvet dress

Finally, I’ve made something I want to wear! I’ve had a string of half made things that haven’t worked – so frustrating.

This is the Cake Patterns Red Velvet dress, in gorgeous black crepe jersey.

Redvelvetdress 004 Redvelvetdress 002

I lengthened the bodice by 2 inches, and shortened the waist by about the same.  I used the flat box pleat option on the skirt, and just love the result.  I like full skirts, but gathering around the waist is not a good look for me, so this is perfect.

I liked it so much made another one from navy double jersey – slightly less flowy than the crepe jersey, but also becoming a firm favourite.

Are you following the Colette Wardrobe Architect series?  It’s been a revelation for me, and made me realise why I still (after major wardrobe detoxing) have clothes I don’t wear.

I’ve been mainly writing blog posts about this in my head – which is no good to anyone – but I will actually write something down  soon!  Anyway, one of my new favourite silhouettes is one of these dresses with a fitted cardigan.

The facts:

Pattern: Cake Patterns Red Velvet dress £11
Fabric: Morgan Crepe Jersey (£15 – on sale at £4.99 a metre!) and Double Jersey (£20) , both from Minerva Fabrics

11 thoughts on “Black red velvet dress

  1. This is a great dress. I’m pleased you’ve sewn something you love after a few misses! The wardrobe architect series is great isn’t it? I’m exactly the same as you, discovering why I still feel like I’ve got nothing to wear when I have a wardrobe full of clothes!

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