Great British Sewing Bee laundry bag

I’ve been meaning to replace my boring plain cream laundry bag for ages, and as this year is all about using up the stash and getting things done, here it is!

This pattern, from the Great British Sewing Bee book, has some very nice details.  There are two ties, which ‘drawstring’ at the sides, and the channel for the ties is a little way down the bag, so it has a frill at the top when closed.

Great British Sewing Bee Laundry Bag 1

There is also a loop at the back to hang the bag, which is a lot neater than using the drawstring to hang it.

Great British Sewing Bee Laundry bag

I made my bag wider than the pattern so I could make full use of the repeat on the fabric.  I also used a hemmed square of fabric for my loop fastening instead of the grosgrain ribbon they recommend.

The fabric is from the Habitat V&A collection, 1988 and is called Morello.  I bought this from a vintage dealer for a few pounds.  It has some tiny marks, but those were easy to cut around.  I think the colour combination is lovely.

Habitat Morello 1988

You can find the bag pattern here.

Fabric: Vintage, Habitat £5
Time in stash: 7 months

Pattern: £0 (a gift)

Other: herringbone tape from stash

2 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee laundry bag

  1. That fabric is gorgeous. I’m having a run of making practical things at the moment and finding it very satisfying – and good for stashbusting! The hanging loop is an excellent idea 🙂

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