2013 Sewlution completed!

I promised the Mistress of the Jar that I would use 12 pieces of stash fabric this year and I did it.  Phew – the Mistress scares me!

Here they are –

VogueCouturier1016blacklinen Vogue Couturier 1016 EdithTolfino pyjamas Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt Christine Haynes Derby Dress Sewaholic Cambie Serendipity Studio Bella skirt  Serendipity Studio BellaSkirt    Chardon Deer and Doe Vogue 1247 skirt

My surprise success this year was the Christine Hayes Derby dress (5th pic, with Hetty on a lead).  It’s a very different style to that I normally wear, and I could have worn it every day on holiday.  The perfect beach and going-out dress when the weather is hot!

I’ve found some skirt patterns I love too.  The Chardon by Deer and Doe is new to me (red print above) and I really like the shape.  This was my Christmas skirt – I haven’t blogged it yet.  I’ve made Simplicity 2152 and the Serendipity Studio Bella skirt several times this year.  More details on these through the links on the My Handmade Wardrobe page.

The problem is, my stash drawer seems to have magical properties and it is still full!  I think my 2014 resolution needs to be more ambitious.  Reduce that stash!

6 thoughts on “2013 Sewlution completed!

  1. Very productive!! I commend you in keeping up with your magical stash growth – you’ve kept it from overflowing at least 😉 I may have to take your lead on that this year haha ^__^

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