Mini Christmas stocking tutorial

A big thank you to Kelli of True Bias for organising the 2013 Ornament Exchange.  A lovely start to the holiday season to have such beautiful ornaments arriving through the letterbox!

My contribution was a mini patchwork stocking, and here is how to make one.

ministocking 008

You will need:

Red felt
Scraps of fabric with small prints
Ribbon, lace, buttons, beads
Paper or card for the pattern

1. Cut out the pattern pattern (see the end of this post) twice.  Leave one complete for the felt part of the stocking, and cut the other into pieces as indicated.

2. Cut two felt pieces and one set of patchwork pieces from the scraps of fabric leaving a margin as shown.

ministocking 001

3. Place the first patchwork piece on one felt piece.  Put the second patchwork piece on top, right sides together.  Stitch along the diagonal line.

ministocking 002 ministocking 003

4. Fold the second piece down, and press flat (I just use my fingers)  Add the third piece in the same way.

ministocking 004

5. Continue until you have completed the patchwork.  Using the felt backing as a guide, trim away the excess fabric.

ministocking 005

6. Stitch a decorative edging along the top back.

ministocking 007

7. Sew or glue ribbon, lace or ric rac along some of the seams.  Fold the top to the front to make a cuff and glue down (you may be able to skip step 6 and stitch down – my machine didn’t like this idea!).

ministocking 006

8. Trim the back so it matches the front and sew the back to the front, right sides together, trapping a hanging loop of ribbon or cord in the top right seam.  Turn over to check you have stitched through all layers.

9.  Turn right side out, and decorate with buttons or beads.

10. Hang on the tree and admire!

ministockinganddecs 002

Here is the pattern.  My pattern piece is 6 inches high.

ministockinganddecs 001

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